Venetian Furniture, Fair Oaks

Venetian Furniture, Fair Oaks

We are proud to present Empire Furniture Home Decor & Gifts. We have more than 16 years experience in the business of importing fine furniture and quality home decorations throughout the Greater Bay Area, from San Francisco to Sacramento. 

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Our Customers benefit from professional relationships we have carefully developed over the years with some of the finest European manufacturers and designers of unique furniture and home decor. Enjoy the excitement of providing your family, friends and guest with an experience of elegant comfort in your home... showcasing your distinctive style with one of a kind decor!

 What makes Empire Furniture a cut above the rest? We personally travel and hand select items available only in our showroom. The result? We have amassed a unique and extensive variety of home decorating items in our Decor & Gifts section of the store. One customer was overheard saying, " This is no TJ Maxx...there's so much to see"!

Phone: (866) 225-3201 or (916) 851-9100


Store Locations:

3160 Gold Valley Dr #100

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Store Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 10am - 5pm