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Bedroom Zephyr Collection 4pc Set

Bedroom Zephyr Collection 4pc Set

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Bedroom Zephyr Collection 4pc Set (QB+NS+DR+MR)


The sleek design of the Zephyr Collection pairs clean lines with modern convenience to create a style that will be the perfect palette for your design aspirations. The collection’s nightstands flank the low-profile bed, creating a wall-paralleling seamless transition between the pieces. Visually tying the collection together are the painted metal-finish banding of the headboard’s sides and the case piece’s base rails, as well as the metal bar hardware that fronts each drawer, culminating in an accenting contrast to the gray faux wood finish of the melamine veneer.

Weights & Dimensions 

  1. Overall Gross Weight: 324.00 lbs
  2. Overall Net Weight: 278.00 lbs
  3. Overall Dimension:

Product Details 

  1. Country of Origin: Malaysia


  1. Number of Boxes: 5
  2. Overall CuFt: 42.1092
  3. Piece per Carton: 1



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